Regatta course Duisburg – the Wimbledon of canoeing

Since 1935, this iconic course has established itself as the setting for top competitions in disciplines such as rowing and canoe racing, as well as triathlon and open water swimming.

Often referred to as the ‘Wimbledon of canoeing’ and the ‘fairest course in the world’, it recently corroborated its first-class international reputation once again at the 2023 Canoe World Championships.

However, the regatta course is not just a stage for world-class competitions. It is also a preferred training centre for top athletes from Germany and around the world, who come here to prepare for major events such as the Olympic Games.

The regatta course is also versatile for creative event concepts. Imagine a floating stage on the water, surrounded by enthusiastic spectators in the stands. That would be the perfect backdrop for cultural events and unique experiences.

Next to the regatta course, the ‘Dreieckswiese’ outdoor sports facility offers a wide range of possibilities. It is the perfect location for regattas, speed skating events, markets or concerts with up to 5,000 visitors. With direct water access, toilet facilities and supply connections, it is fully equipped to ensure that your event runs smoothly. The nearby ‘Klönnewiese’ park offers space for public and private groups, clubs and event organisers. The open, inviting atmosphere makes it easy to organise various activities and events here.

Let your imagination run wild and use this versatile venue for your next event.

Space available:

VIP area
Competition offices
Meeting rooms
Surveying centre
Press centre
VIP stand

Length 2,150 m
Width 130 m
Water depth 8 m
Grandstand >2,000 Plätze
Additional capacity possible
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Kruppstraße 30b, 47055 Duisburg

Parking is available nearby.

Distance to the motorway: 2 km

Distance to the railway station: 3,9 km

Distance to the airport: 19,5 km

Find suitable accomodation here:

The Sportpark Duisburg offers around 440 accommodation options that are specifically tailored to the needs of athletes. For further information please contact DuisburgSport.



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Project Manager
City Marketing & Tourism

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